Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mario -Emergency Room feat. Rihanna

What's Fresh...?

When I saw the title of this song I have to admit I was expecting some drama. Chris Brown sends Rihanna to the hospital and now there's a song with Rihanna and another young R&B cat called "Emergency Room"...

But it's not about that at all.
Dope song tho!

Love Life. Live Fresh.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

6 foot 8 foot 12

What's Fresh...? this 6 foot 8 inch girl dunk like a man. Oh yeah...she's in high school.

Love Life. Live Fresh.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lo Head

What's Fresh...?

Crazy when you can throw a whole outfit on from one group.
Half these self-proclaimed "Lo-Heads" don't even know that the clothes come from groups.
This is footage of 88Keys...a true Lo-Head.

Love Life. Live Fresh

Chris Brown - Cry No More

What's Fresh...?

IDK how I feel about this...

I don't think the song addresses the problem at hand. To be blunt...he beat the beautiful young ladies ass. The song sounds like he thinks he is some kind of victim for "falling in love."

"Sometime I wish I wouldn't have let you in. Wish I wouldn't have met you. Fell in love with you. And I wouldn't feel like I do."
I'm sure she feels the same way homie...

You guys can be the judge...

Love Life. Live Fresh.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Young Mel

What's Fresh...?

Happy Birthday to Ramel aka Young Mel.
Last nite at the 40/40 was crazy...thanks again homie!
Like I told you...we're both 21 now it's time to take over the world.
Sounds like a plan!

Check him out @

Love Life. Live Fresh.


What's Fresh...? I suck at keepin' my blog up to kill me.

Thanks for everyone that called, text, Facebook'd me to say Happy Birthday.
Club Pacha was a zoo & I'm 21.

Hopefully now I'll start bloggin' again. Can't make any promises tho...

Love Life. Live Fresh.